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Guided Mindful Imagery To Enhance Confidence, Relaxation and the Mother/Baby Bond
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Cindy Foster, LCSW

Are you or someone you know expecting a baby? With this recording you can give yourself, or an expectant mother, a gift of health, relaxation and time for mother and baby to deeply connect..

Pregnancy can serve to deepen your natural intuition and perceptions of who you are, to establish the connections you make with the developing life within you, and to instill a new quality of awareness, wonder and appreciation within your life. The range of experience is constantly changing, as each pregnancy is unique and each woman unique.

As you concentrate on nourishing and nurturing your baby, you also can nourish and nurture yourself in ways that you have not done before, and this recording allows you a healthy structure to do so.

Nurture affects nature.  Research reveals that, in large part, an individual’s ability to respond to stress as an adult is determined before birth, during his or her development in the womb.  High cortisol levels within the mother are also transferred to the developing baby. In addition, studies suggest that maternal bonding and care can affect an offspring’s very DNA, turning on some genes and silencing others.


The good news is that research also indicates that when the mother is feeling calm, connected, empowered, the life within her acquires the physiological benefits as well.


The use of regular mindful meditation and guided imagery, have shown to be effective methods in reducing the production of stress hormones, high blood pressure, and in lessening anxiety and depressive symptoms. With regular use, this recording can become a vital stress reduction tool now, and beyond pregnancy.  It will help alleviate high levels of cortisol and other stress hormones, bring about physiological balance.


Equally important, woven within this recording is the emphasis on strenghening the emotional and spiritual bond that begins to develop between mother and baby throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond pregnancy into parenthood.


Allowing yourself the necessary time to "just be" and listen to this recording, even if you fall asleep, will help you reduce stress levels, while restoring and reconnecting with your inner strength and wholeness.  The awareness gained through this experience, will allow you to be more in touch with a deep, healthy interconnection between you and your baby naturally, without pressure or worry.  This recording gives you a structured means of bringing you back to the richness of the present moment -- centering yourself into the natural and miraculous process that you are a part of NOW, while staying grounded in who you are.

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Medical Endorsement

This soothing self-affirming exercise will enhance both the physical and emotional health of the pregnant mother and her developing child.  Cindy Foster uses wisdom and patient guidance to bring the listener the time-tested medical benefits of relaxation and stress release."

Lawrence R. Moss, MD
Department of Psychiatry
UCLA School of Medicine