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Stress Reduction Programs

Includes: Group Courses-Individual, Family, and Couples Psychotherapy , Coaching and Training-Workplace presentations or Retreats

Description of
Group Course

The focus is on mind/body skills that are effective and practical. These skills are taught and practiced in the class. This Eight-Week Course includes instruction in:

Mindful Meditation Practice - including formal guided, silent and dynamic meditations, as well as incorporating mindfulness into daily interactions and living.
Participants learn to work with the conscious mind. Learn to stay alert, focused, and centered on a daily basis, even during the busiest of days.

Body awareness and how to calm the nervous system are practiced.

Attention is given to the interconnection between mind, emotions, and physical sensations/symptoms, by obtaining more control through mindful practice.

Individuals (including health care professionals) who are interested in the Group Course, may call 706-312-6885

Please leave your name and phone number with the secretary or on the answering machine.

Cindy Foster, LCSW, will contact you to set up a FREE, confidential, pre-group interview. The pre-group interview is a prerequisite to participation in the group program. The interview is for discussion of program details, as well as any questions you might have. The interview process also provides interested individuals the opportunity to decide if the program is suitable for their needs, and whether they can commit to the eight weeks. If the individual wishes to secure a spot in the next group course, a registration deposit is required upon completion of the pre-group interview.

Anyone interested in Individual, Family, or Couples Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy may also contact Cindy Foster(706-312-6885)


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Breath Work - become aware of the power of the breath in returning to the present moment, by “turning off” reactionary stress patterns and the “fight or flight” mechanism when not needed.

Effective Communication Styles - learn and practice more mindful self-expression, relationship communication, and mindful parenting skills.

Autogenic Training and Biofeedback – provides the opportunity to understand the science of stress and discover one’s own innate healing capabilities; each participant will have the use of a thermal biofeedback machine.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Work - gain more awareness of thoughts and internal self-talk, feelings, experiences and beliefs, and working with them mindfully to create a more accurate, whole self-image.

Guided Imagery - working with the unconscious mind through guided stories and healing music to promote physiological changes within the mind & body, such as relaxation, self-awareness and acceptance at a subconscious level.

Gentle Stretching, simple yoga and Mindful Physical Motion - simple bodywork suitable for all participants, promotes individual awareness of physical conditions as they connect with one’s emotional self. This component is modified for physical limitations; No experience in exercise or yoga required.

Daily Home Assignments - taking mindfulness practice and stress reduction skills into daily living, through weekly practice assignments to do at home.

• MP3s and/or CD’s and reading materials included.

• One Saturday Retreat from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm.

• Groups consist of no more than ten participants, to allow for maximum participation and instruction.


Participating in the stress reduction group course is a journey into the discovery of your own innate healing process in a supportive setting with likewise dedicated individuals.

Once you complete the eight week course, you are notified of and invited to attend, free of charge, all future Saturday Retreats.



Group Course
Tuition is $375.00 for each of the group courses, consisting of eight classes of two hours each. The fee also includes the pre-group interview and a five hour Retreat Day. You also are provided with guided tapes and/or CDs and reading and worksheet materials.
Typically, the average cost for a single psychotherapy session can range from $70.00 to $150.00 per hour -- so this group program is an exceptional value.
A non-refundable deposit of $70.00 is required upon the initial pre-group interview, prior to the first class. This deposit secures your place in the group course. The remaining balance of $305.00 is due on or before the first class, or in two installments of $152.50 (payable before the first and fourth class).
Similar to college courses or pre-paid psychotherapy sessions, this program does not offer refunds or “makeup” sessions for unattended classes.
Since the group course is a supportive, instructional, experiential and therapeutic experience in stress reduction, and is conducted by an established professionally licensed therapist, some insurance companies will cover the service. Please contact your insurance provider for information, verification and/or reimbursement.
Augusta Institue of Hypnotherapy accepts payment by credit cards.
Limited financial scholarships and sliding fees are available for those who qualify. Please contact Cindy Foster regarding your interest and eligibility.

Private Sessions
Initial Assessment - $150.00 per hour
Individual Psychotherapy - $100.00 per hour.
Couple and Family Psychotherapy - $130.00 per hour.
Individual Hypnotherapy (
individual audio recordings available) - $125.00 per hour.

Written evaluations are given to group participants at the end of the eight-week program. There are also random follow-up telephone calls to check-in with previous participants. Informal verbal follow-ups are also conducted with program graduates who attend the Saturday retreats. Here are some of the comments received:

“I feel more control over my illness rather than feeling like my illness is controlling me.” - Lisa J., age 38, Registered Nurse and Artist

“ This group has changed my life! What a difference adding meditation to my daily routine has made in reducing my stress. I have to admit I was skeptical, but gave it a try anyway….and am glad I did! Meditation like this is not what I would call “New Age.” My work colleagues continue to comment on how less stressed I seem.” Look out…. You may be getting more group members and will need a larger room!” -Tom M. age 56, Financial Advisor

“ Cindy Foster was truly receptive to my feelings, concerns and ideas by creating a calming, soothing and non-judgmental atmosphere.” - Brenda A., age 43, X-Ray Technician

“ I’m truly living more in the present moment, rather than living in the past or worrying about the future.” -Dean T., age 47, Medical Doctor

“ The most beneficial for me was the body scan. It has taught me how much tension I have retained in my body and how to release it.” -Brenda A., age 43, X-Ray Technician

“The meditation exercises, guided imagery and breathing exercises were all very helpful in relieving my physical and emotional pain. Being more mindful in interactions with others, especially with my children has added more meaning to my life. It has been almost two years since I took the stress reduction course and I am still benefiting from the experience. Thank You.” -Sara A. P., age 26, Homemaker, Proud Mother and Student

“I liked the small number of people in the group. The group content and exercises were very meaningful to me. I wish to start a similar program for employees within my own company, if Cindy will help.” -Chris M., Business Owner

“I have a better understanding of my thought process and how it can aid in my health or how it can aid in my stress and grief.” -Pat W., anonymous participant

“I am reminding myself more that my health is more important than the daily stressors. I feel more clear on the next step in my journey than I was before. I feel more confident in risk taking that would be beneficial to me overall than before.” -Patsy B., Social Worker

“I never realized I was capable of relieving my emotional and physical worries and discomfort! I am now beginning to really understand the connection between my emotions, my mind and my body. – And the power I have had within myself all along. I continue to share what I have learned with my students! -Marsha Z., age 45, Middle School Teacher

“ I feel more at peace with change.” “This program was well worth the money – a real treasure” Thank You. -Bruce L. B., age 42, Advertising Executive

Contact: (706) 312-6885