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Cindy Foster, LCSW, ACSW
Director and Facilitator

Augusta Location:
MindBody Stress Reduction Programs
Columbia Road Professional Center
4210-4A Columbia Road, Martinez, 30907



According to the New York Daily News, researchers at Yale used MRIs to scan the brains of study participants who practiced daily medit-ation, and compared them to those people who did not practice meditation. (The subjects were people with jobs and families.) The results showed that daily meditation actually creates physical changes in the brain, growing new brain cells in regions responsible for concentration and making sense of the world.


Take the time throughout the day to pay attention to how you are breathing. Quick, short, shallow breathing will leave you feeling more anxious and stressed. Breathing that is slow, full, and comfortably deep (letting your belly expand on the in-breath), will automatically begin to calm the nervous system. By mindfully focusing on your breathing for just three minutes at a time throughout your busy day, you can significantly lessen the negative effects of stress on the body, while becoming more calm and alert.


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MindBody Stress Reduction Programs, LLC provides information, group courses, individual sessions, telephone sessions, workplace trainings, and retreats in stress reduction.

The stress reduction integrative model provides self-empowering training and psychotherapy that promotes awareness of the connection between physical and emotional states in relation to health issues, personal and professional goals.

There are also professionally produced guided meditations and hypnosis  recordings available to help reduce stress and promote health and well being.

Scientific research has produced, over several decades, well-documented and conclusive data verifying the benefits of regular meditation practice and various mind/body approaches in stress reduction and improving emotional and physical health. Stress reduction, through mind/body interventions such as those utilized within the MindBody Stress Reduction Program, can have a profound healing effect on the entire person -- emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Cindy Foster, a licensed clinical psychotherapist and social worker since 1982, established the MindBody Stress Reduction Program in 2001. As founder, director, and primary facilitator, Cindy developed the Augusta program from a synthesis of effective models in use at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in Washington, DC. Cindy also incorporates proven methods from various other integrative medicine programs and research centers in the United States, as well as those drawn from her own many years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist. Cindy’s training and credentials are in both conventional psychotherapy and in mind-body medicine. By putting into practice an effective and varied range of theoretical knowledge, experience, and technique, Cindy helps provide you with tools and choices to discover and utilize for yourself your innate healing abilities. The therapeutic relationship is built on a respectful partnership between client and therapist. The client holds the key to change. Cindy places an importance on active listening and being truly present with each client she works with.

Many referrals to the program come from physicians, health care professionals, employee assistance programs, and human resource departments. However, most referrals have come directly from participants who have gone through the program themselves, and have told family, friends, or colleagues about their positive experience. Please follow the link to read some of their testimonials.

Cindy Foster’s biography, a more detailed description of the stress reduction program components, and discussion of the benefits of psychotherapy for individuals are available on this web site for your consideration. Participants have come to this program from a wide range of ethnic, religious, social, and educational backgrounds, to deal with a wide range of issues in their lives. Please follow the link to Who Can Benefit for additional information.

Cindy has made recordings of guided mindful meditations and guided imageries that are research-based and highly effective for furthering one’s specific goals. These recordings, produced by Mindful Sounds, are available through this website, as well as other sources. We invite you to listen to audio samples of the recordings.

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