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Cindy Foster, LCSW

Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home

This CD contains brief meditations, as well as background information about the effects of prolonged stress on the mind and body accumulated from decades of scientific research and literature.

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Testimonials for the Workplace or Home CD:
"Contemporary life is profound and complex, hazarded with a seemingly ever-quickening pace and multitude of activities that taxes our vital energies and stresses our bodyminds. Cindy Foster’s carefully researched, easy to use system of Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home is an effective countermeasure for such postmodern fatigue. Regular use of these mindfulness practices will lead to an increase in energy, reduction in stress, and an overall improvement in one’s sense of well-being. More than that, these simple but effective exercises can aid in release into one’s innermost depths, revealing the boundless Freedom and Love that one has always been.

So whether you desire less stress, greater health, more vitality, or yearn to recall your Deepest Self, Foster’s system is for you – highly recommended.” - Dr. Michael Schwartz, Ph.D., Columbia University Associate Director of Art Domain at Integral University, Integral Institute, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, ASU, Member of Board of Directors, The Forge Institute

  “This CD does a very nice job of introducing a variety of different meditation techniques to listeners, in a very accessible format. I particularly like the "permissive" style, allowing listeners to experiment, and choose what works for them. The introductions are
comprehensive, and should give beginners the structure they need to settle into the experience . . .It's a fine contribution to the field and I'm happy to support it.”
Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist
Faculty – Harvard Medical School
Board of Directors & Faculty - Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy
Co-Author of “Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain.”
Co-editor of “Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.”

Results from scientific studies regarding the health benefits of meditation and imagery in treating a wide range of emotional and physical symptoms and conditions are discussed. Special consideration is given to the proven usefulness of breathing awareness and meditation within the busy workplace itself. This section also contains information pertaining to what meditation is, and how to begin and maintain an effective meditation practice within the workplace setting or during busy days at home. Subsequent sections consist of various brief guided meditations, and a meditative music selection to be used at work or home. The meditations are quiet and dynamic(active), some with music and some without. You can choose from a variety of mindfulness-based meditations: ranging from a 3 minute breathing exercise, an easily accessible skill to help regain focus and calmness throughout the day, 5 or 10 minute calming and refocusing meditation, 15 minute body scan to increase awareness of body and mind connection and release any accumulated stress, 20 minute dynamic meditation actively fine-tuning your energy to unblock any obstructing physical or emotional tension and increase energy and 7 minutes of meditative music to simultaneously calm and engergize the body and mind.


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Testimonials for the Workplace or Home CD:
“ I have now spent time with your CD and really, really like what you have done. I do think you have created something unique and very useful. You do such skillful guiding and transitioning. Can’t say enough good about it.” - Jan Latona, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, Fort Collins, CO

“Nicely done. I think one of the best features was the variable length of different segments, so that people can utilize it anywhere from 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc. I think that will really maximize usability. Also, nice combining of breathing techniques, imagery and mindfulness principles. Thanks for letting me hear it!” - Mark B. Weisberg, Ph.D., ABPP, Clinical Health Psychologist
Diplomat, American Board of Professional Psychology, M
inneapolis, MN

“Wow! Your CD is fantastic. My husband and I both listen to it and absolutely love it. One of THE best guided meditations I’ve heard.” - Lucy Gonzales-Romero, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Augusta, Georgia

"I have really enjoyed the CD, "Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home." It is no ordinary meditation CD, since it blends expert guidance in relaxation/ medit-ation techniques with a wonderful back-ground of instrumental music accompanying some of the exercises. It is apparent that so much care and attention has been put into the development of this CD. The sound quality of the CD is excellent! I found the CD's format and instructions to be very easy to understand and motivating. The first three parts of the CD are easy to follow and very appropriate for those who are beginning a meditation practice. Parts 4 and 5 are effective in enhancing relaxation and meditation practices, reducing stress and facilitating a sense of well-being. Cindy's calm and soothing voice and the positive messages and affirmations that she conveys in her guid-ance bring about a very pleasant journey for her listeners. The meditative music in the last part is lovely to listen to while medi-tating or doing any relaxing activities. It is the best CD of its kind that I have exper-ienced, and I would recommend it for anyone interested in learning to relax, beginning or enhanc-inghis/ her meditation practice."
Carolyn Stark, Employee Assistance Program Director (retired) Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Total Listening time: 78 minutes and 32 seconds
  • Track 5: Meditation Three - Guided Dynamic Meditation

COST: $15.00Click Here to Purchase!  

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Testimonials for the Informational
Companion CD

Concise, highly useful and vital information developed in easily understandable language and format. Everyone should take the necessary time to listen to this information and share it with patients, and clients, as well as, loved ones.” - Donna Sienicki, Clinical Social Worker, Ann Arbor, MI

Cindy Foster, LCSW
The Stress is NOT You:
Transforming Stress and Adversity
into Strength and Wellness

An Integral Approach
(2-CD Set)

This informational companion to the Mindful Sounds Series of Mindful Meditations and Imagery CDs provides a detailed description of the science of stress in layperson language. You will learn about the biological and psychological effects of prolonged stress on the human being, as well as how to work with the actual stress or illness that you may be experiencing.

The results of decades of scientific research revealing the effects of prolonged stress on the mind and body are addressed. Health benefits of regular meditation and imagery practice in prevention of certain stress-related medical conditions, managing chronic and acute symptoms and in many cases eliminating pain are presented. Specific stressors related to the workplace setting and ways to improve health and reduce stress through breathing, mindfulness meditation and imagery are addressed. What you may encounter when meditating and how to work with thoughts, feelings, body sensations, pain and other concerns that may arise during meditation are discussed in depth. A well rounded, practical description of what “mindfulness” is and how it is incorporated into meditation and in daily living is also explained.

COST: $20.00 Click Here to Purchase! 

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Personalized Guided Meditations and/or Imagery
(Limited Time Only)

There is a vast amount of scientific data proving the health benefits of guided imagery. Guided imagery is a process of intentionally using your imagination to activate your innate healing abilities, helping the mind and

body stay well, heal from certain emotional or physical conditions, reduce/eliminate stress, prepare for surgery or events, and to perform well. By deliberately creating positive and personal healing sensory images applicable to your own symptoms and goals, the mind and body work in concert to create healthy physiological changes. When the mind is focused on healing and wellness, the body will respond. According to Martin Rossman, MD, guided imagery is an effective method to use "the world's biggest and best pharmacy on earth - your brain - to support your healing."
Please contact Cindy Foster, LCSW for further information and the procedure for obtaining a personalized guided imagery program.

A personalized CD may be designed for your individual needs, regarding specific concerns, symptoms or illnesses that you or someone you care about may be experiencing.

Call or email for more information and/or informational order form.
Fees based on customized needs determined from individual questionnaires. Email for more information or to receive questionnaire.

Client Endorsement for a Personalized CD Recording (a pre and post-surgical healing recording to reduce anxiety and promote accelerated healing) from a  Medical College of Geogia Emergency Room Nurse

I am home now after a 6 day hospitalization and I wanted to provide you with some feedback on how the recording helped me with my surgical experience.

I had been listening to the recording almost every night for the 2 weeks prior to the operation.  By then it was a very comfortable and familiar exercise and I often fell asleep long before the recording was finished.

When I awoke the surgeons and anesthesia explained that I would have an epidural to greatly reduce my pain for the first few days.  My pain was well controlled and I did not need any narcotics such as morphine or demerol.  This kept me alert and responsive while keeping my pain under control.


At some point in the middle of that night I had a severe muscle spasm (they had to flap 3 muscles in my chest and abdoman to help support the new tissue) outside of the area covered by my epidural.  The sudden pain caused me to become anxious and tense, making all the muscles in my chest and abdoman contract; this worsened the pain and the pain worsened my anxiety (it was a bad positive feedback cycle.)


The nurse went to work calling the doctor about alternative pain medications but I knew that could take 10-15 minutes.


I decided to use what I had learned from your sessions and CD to help with my pain and anxiety.  First, I began to control my breathing and took myself to "my place" (The large rock in the middle of the river with water flowing around both sides.)  Once I got my breathing under control, I began using the body scan to individually target each muscle group to allow them to relax.  It was difficult at first, but as each muscle relaxed, the pain lessened and the next was easier.   By the time the Nurse returned with the pain medication, I had been able to relax all the muscles in the spasm and was no longer hurting.  I had to use this technique several times over the next few days and it was absolutely a LIFESAVER to be able to recover from such a hightened state of pain and panic using the tools you gave to me.


Thank you so much and I will keep in touch as my recovery progresses.

Note: Client provided permission  to post his personal experience via his email.