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Half-Day Workshop
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The fee varies depending upon the specific situation and needs of the organization.

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More and more businesses and corporations are integrating meditation and mindfulness within their workplace environment. Organizations within the United States and around the world continue to incorporate some type of meditative program into daily work routines.
The results of these endeavors have proven extremely beneficial in both business and humanistic terms. With daily mindful meditation practice, many employees report that they are better equipped to stay focused in the present moment, and their thoughts are less likely to stay trapped in the past or speed too far ahead into the future. Because of an increased focus, employees have reported a drop in making mistakes and/or catching mistakes more quickly and fixing them. Employees report less overall sickness, and consequently have fewer absences from work.

Many employees report feeling more self-acceptance, and notice they are less preoccupied or distracted with the behaviors of other employees. Employees have stated that they notice more patience with co-workers and that because of this better communication occurs, especially active listening skills.

The employees who practice mindful meditation generally feel more calm, and alert as they operate within the context of their assigned teams and/or designated work sites. Many employees who practice meditation on a regular basis, report an awakening of creativity at work and within their lives.

The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society state the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace include:

• Reduce of stress

• Increase stability in the midst of complex or highly charged situations,

• Enhance clarity and creative thinking,

• Improve communication skills,

• Cultivate leadership and teamwork, and

• Improve overall effectiveness in the workplace.

Experience a Sample of Mindfulness in the Workplace through:

Half-Day Workshops or for Retreats
The intent of half-day workshops and/or retreats is to introduce participants within the workplace arena to the benefits of mindfulness. Since experiencing mindfulness is significantly more powerful and instructive than just talking about it, the basis of the workplace program is experiential, interactive, supportive, and educational. The format can be tailored or changed to fit the particular needs of the organization. Here is a general outline of a half-day workshop:

Didactic Component:
We begin with a brief didactic piece introducing theoretical, historical and research background regarding mindfulness and meditation. The biological underpinnings of stress and mind-body work will be addressed.

Experiential Component:
Actually experiencing a variety of mindfulness practices, with guided instruction in:

• Mindful Meditation Practice- these include formal practice: guided, silent and dynamic meditations, as well as, informal practice: incorporating mindfulness into daily interactions and living.

Participants work with the conscious mind to stay alert, focused and centered on a daily basis even during the busiest of days.

Body awareness and how to calm the nervous system are practiced.

Attention is given to the interconnectedness between mind, emotions and physical sensations/symptoms, by obtaining more control through mindful practice.

• Gentle Stretching and Mindful Physical Motion- simple bodywork suitable for all, which can be modified for physical limitations; promotes individual awareness of physical conditions as they connect with one’s emotional self.

• Breath Work- become aware of the power of the breath in returning to the present moment, by “turning off” reactionary stress patterns and when not needed turning off the “fight or flight” mechanism.

Interactive Component:

• Time given for further understanding of mindfulness through questions, brief discussions, and by processing experiences.

• Explore potential opportunities for applying mindfulness within the workplace and into daily living.

Supportive Component:
A safe and caring environment conducive toward acceptance and a deeply engaging learning environment are created through:

• Confidentiality up held by all who attend

• Mutual respect by participants and facilitator

• Knowledgeable and skilled facilitator with genuine warmth

Note: Specific meditations including original meditative music performed by Robert Foster may be requested. See Dr. Foster’s Biography.


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